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    • 02 12 2016
    • Surf's Up!
    • We have just received a wonderful large cache of surfing books, including a special deluxe slipcased edition of Leroy Grannis’ photography. Other titles include surfing biographies, surfing memoirs, more surfing photography, surfing history, surf-fiction from Australia and abroad, and even a coffee table history of the Hawaiian shirt. Read more
    • 10 11 2016
    • Heads-Up
    • There are certain BB customers who do not some but all of their annual Christmas shopping here in James St. So we're rather excited to confirm a soon-to-be-delivered golden cache of contemporary art, photography, fashion and architecture books - just in time for the silly season of selfless consumption! By all acounts this delivery could make yon onerous festivities a little bit easier. Read more
    • 01 09 2016
    • New Spring Growth in the BB hood!
    • With spring just around the corner it's so nice to see new growth around our James St and Little Malop St corner here at Barwon Booksellers. We're 25 years old this year, the longest survivor in the area, and, along with our stalwart neighbours Karingal Gallery and James St Bakery, are feeling the good vibes now that friends are joining us up and down the street. Coffee Cartel Roasters, Real Music Vinyl, Caruggi Italian Restaurant, Chicken For The People, Geelong Cellar Door Wine Bar, and Tomodachi Izayaka & Bar have all emerged recently. With the new Dome Library and the revitalised Geelong Gallery it's all happening in our part of the hood. So good to have some other bods around. Read more

Recent Features

    • Treasure From The Golden Cockerel
    • An interesting by-product of our digital era is how it has refreshed the context for the publishing of fine paper books. The other side of the present epidemic of screen-addiction is a renewed appreciation of handset type, hand-stitched bindings, artist-books, illustration, engraving and analogue design traditions. Read more.
    • Who Says It Wasn't A Renaissance?
    • Listening through the long ear-trumpet of history, names like Piero della Francesca, Leonardo Da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli sound awfully exotic and flamboyant to us superficial types. But is it just the beauty of Italian names that have people rate the seismic cultural shift that happened in Florence and thereabouts in the 15th and 16th centuries as somehow more significant than the twentieth century Renaissance we are still living in the aftermath of? Read more.


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